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After School Child Care

The Sleepy Hollow Group has commenced a Breakfast Club and After School Care provision in the premises of Greenwood Primary. This is a very exciting venture which will offer parents the opportunity to have all aspects of their child’s care on one site, thus avoiding the problems of arranging quality care for their child when parents are at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Will the After School Care be like school? 

Definitely not! The staff will be play experts employed by Sleepy Hollow who will aim to provide a varied programme of fun activities, both indoors and outdoors, and make the children feel relaxed in a home from home environment.

2.Will the facility be open during school holidays? 

Yes. Working parents need this continuity.

3.What are the hours of opening? 

The Breakfast Club will operate from 8.00 to 8.45am. The After School Care will begin at 2 o’clock and continue to 6pm.

4.What are the costs? 


Breakfast club

From 8am to class start £5* per child per day.

*if your child attends Breakfast Club on the same day as an afternoon session, breakfast club is free



From class finish until 6pm £19.50 per child per day 


Early finish collection (from 12pm)

£5.25 per child per day


Holiday Camp

8-6pm £35 per child per day

9-3pm £25 per child per day

8-9am Breakfast Club add on £5 per child per day

5.What will happen when my child transfers to Strandtown? 

Children will be able to attend the new facility opened at Strandtown. Their place will be retained. 

6.Can I make use of childcare vouchers or tax credits to offset the costs? 

Yes. The facility will be registered, up to 70% of the cost may be funded through Working Family Tax Credits-information available on 0845 603 2000. Alternatively, using childcare vouchers can save parents and employers a further 10% off their childcare costs and is not means tested-information from 028 92610661.

Contact the school for further information, or phone the unit manager Rachel 07936538936.

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