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Board of Governors

Greenwood Primary School and Nursery Unit is managed by a Board of Governors.

The Board of Governors is comprised of 9 members:

The Principal is also a non-voting member of the Board of Governors and acts as Secretary to the Board.

·        2 Education Authority representatives 

·        4 Transferor representatives

·        2 Parent representatives

·        1 Teacher representative

Each Board sits for four years, with this current Board of Governors having been constituted in September 2014. All school Governors are appointed on a voluntary, unpaid capacity.


The role of the Board of Governors is to manage the school with a view to

providing the best possible education and educational opportunities for all the

pupils. This involves:

·   Setting the strategic direction for the  school.

·   Taking corporate decisions in relation to the          statutory functions of the Board of Governors. 

Governors are obliged to carry out specific duties in relation to:

  • Admission of Pupils (admissions policy, enrolment restrictions)

  • Finance (allocating funds, teachers’ pay policy, use of facilities)

  • Curriculum (ensure the Northern Ireland Curriculum is being delivered and assessed, ensure the education of children with Special Educational Needs)

  • Management of Staff (appointment of teachers and other staff, disciplinary and grievance procedures)

  • School inspections (take account of any inspection findings)

  • Reporting to Parents (annual report)

  • Premises Management (inspections, repairs and maintenance, health and safety, school security)

  • Pupils (pastoral care including child protection, discipline)

The members of the Board of Governors are as follows:

  • Education Authority Representatives 
    Mrs Deborah Sloan
    Mrs Susan Monks (Vice-Chair)

  • Parents’ Representatives 
    Ms Amy Holmes

        Mr Niall Martin


  • Teachers’ Representative
    Mrs Claire Ashe

  • Transferors’ Representatives
    Mr William McAlpine

        Mr David Holley (Chair)

        Mrs Elizabeth McCormack (Designated Governor for Child Protection)

        Mrs Kathryn Kirk

  • Co-Opted (Non-Voting)

Mr Tim McQuoid

Mrs Joanna Richmond

  • Secretary

Miss Lindy Forster (Non-Voting)

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