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Our Aims

We want every child to be successful; to reach for success from the very first day they join us. We believe our school will nurture all children in their journey towards achieving their full and unique potential.
At Greenwood we aim:
  • To develop attitudes and dispositions which will be the foundation for life-long learning.


  • To develop each child’s capacity to gain competence in the key areas of Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT,


  • To develop knowledge, skills and understanding in all Areas of Learning and enhance the children’s abilities in the Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.


  • To help each child to thrive at a level appropriate to their stage of development, facilitating the development of their self-esteem, self- confidence and independence.


  • To enable the children to respect and value each individual’s ideas and views, recognising we are all different.


  • To enable the children to appreciate their personal contribution to the school community and begin to understand aspects of our local environment and the wider world.

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