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Learning resilience in Greenwood!

Finally, someone is able to explain what resilience is.  In a nutshell resilience is being stretched to capacity and able to recover stronger.  The great news is that research now tells us this is something that can be taught to anybody at any age.  We use an elastic band analogy (watch the introduction video to make sense of that!) to remind us that the brain can be reprogrammed having been affected dramatically by stress and anxiety.

The sooner we start teaching children the techniques to strengthen and prepare for circumstances which need resilience the better.  Mrs Ashfield has used her training and experience to come up with The Daily Five and other tips and tricks to introduce resilience in an accessible and memorable way. 

We have already been using this in our school and have had great feedback from teachers and families but most importantly the kids.  Maybe you’d like to hear what they had to say if you’re in any doubt that this is worth doing!

“It’s like you can feel the courage growing inside of you.”

“I can’t wait to see where Mrs Ashfield takes us next!”

“I came into school really worried and it’s like the worries fell off me.”

“I loved the videos being outside.”

“I love that we get to take our shoes, turning the lights off and being relaxed.”

“At first it felt a bit strange, but then I loved it!”

“I don’t feel embarrassed doing this.”

“I like the challenges…I get a bit wobbly because my balance isn’t very good but I got better at it”

Please join with us and them (wouldn’t it have been lovely if we’d been taught this stuff at school).

Click on the link to take you to the YouTube channel for ‘That Thing I Do’ where you will see a short introduction video.  When on the page, click ‘videos’ to make sure you don’t miss out on all the resources and messages.

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