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Primary 3 Children

P3 Autumn Fun Ideas

Primary Three September PowerPoint

Calling Primary Three Parents! 

The Primary Three teachers have put together some helpful hints to give you some ideas in how to support your child’s literacy and numeracy development.  These will be given out at the parent/teacher consultations next week but feel free to print at home as well.

ICT in P3

In P3 we have been exploring many ICT skills! We have been enjoying using the iPad to showcase our learning by using apps like PicCollage and Stop Motion! We have even dabbled in some film making by using Spark Video! We better not forget to talk about what we use the laptops for.  We can create wanted posters, fact files, insert pictures, fancy fonts, save our work and even print it! Some of us have even ventured into experimenting with PowerPoint.

There are for iPads and tablets:

  • Stop Motion

  • Pic Collage edu

  • Book Creator

  • PuppetPals

  • iMovie

  • Hungry Fish

  • Bee-Bot

  • BlueBot

  • Coding Safari

  • ScratchJr

These programs are for laptop/computer:

  • PowerPoint

  • Word

  • Purple Mash

Or why not use Microsoft Word and type an interesting sentence using your own choice of font, colour and size!

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