P2 - Mrs Lawder

January and February in P2L

We started our topic with a mysterious rucksack delivered to school. When we unpacked the rucksack, we found clues that identified the owner – it belonged to an Antarctic scientist called Alan! This led to many exciting learning experiences related to the coldest place on earth – Antarctica.

In addition to writing poetry and writing postcards to Alan, we shared a factual book about penguins and wrote a report on the facts that we knew.  

During play, we enjoyed making the characters from ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers with Lego. We were also busy making igloos and designing maps. During outdoor play, we even made an explorer’s ship from crates and tarpaulins.

In maths sessions we have worked hard on developing our knowledge of odd and even numbers and we are now confident in our number bond stories to 7.

In ICT, we have been continuing to use the I-pads to code and to further our learning in Literacy and Maths. We have also been taking photographs during play sessions as play reporters.

What a busy few weeks we have had, learning and having fun in P2L!

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