Educational Experience

What educational experiences will be provided for a child attending Greenwood?

Firstly, parents can be sure that the school will promote the active learning of the essential foundations for a child’s present and future education, in an atmosphere of support and concern. What in essence does that mean?

Great care will be taken at this young age to ensure that each child feels happy and secure in the school environment. Even before “Personal Development and Mutual Understanding” became a learning area (previously referred to as a “subject”), Greenwood staff have been commended for the quality of provision they provide. Visitors to the school often comment on the tangible happy atmosphere and caring ethos prevalent in the school. Perhaps you would like to visit us and make your own judgement?

If a child’s social and emotional well-being are catered for then learning across all areas of the curriculum will successfully take place. The Revised Curriculum for Northern Ireland is statutory. This promotes a more skills based rather than content heavy curriculum. The links between a child’s understanding of themselves and their ability to learn effectively are now embedded in this new curriculum. Children who are confident will feel able to take risks in their learning and attempt to “problem solve”; children who understand their own and peer’s feelings will successfully work with others. You may be interested to link to the “Big Picture” found in the curriculum section which gives a succinct overview of the new Revised Curriculum for Primary Schools.

Greenwood is well placed to deliver this curriculum whilst at the same time not diminishing the opportunities planned to ensure the pupils in our care proceed with learning the essentials of literacy, numeracy, ICT and the other areas of the curriculum.

To enhance the day-to-day delivery of the curriculum, the school organises an extensive range of trips. Children visit the farm, W5, Exploris, the Folk and Transport museum, Mount Stewart and Castle Espie plus other venues when appropriate. All of these extend the scope of the classroom and give a great sense of enjoyment to the children. In addition, people ranging from theatre companies to falconry experts visit the school and further the educational experience of the pupils.

Parents of our pupils often commend the school for the time and effort given to providing opportunities for all children to participate in drama productions. Each child has a role in their year group Christmas production. Four productions of 15 minutes containing drama, music and dance are put on stage and tickets for the audience are in short supply! Our P3 pupils also participate in their special leaving concert in the Spring term.

The summer term is then time for children with talent in verse speaking or singing to compete at Carrickfergus Festival. Each year the principal, Mrs Harper, enters and trains these children and the school has an outstanding record of success, around forty children win individual awards, many competing in classes of around fifty! The school also has a choir which has established itself as one of the best at the festival, twice winning the Lowry Trophy for the most outstanding Primary School choir!

All of these activities add to educational experience that is Greenwood and often these are the ones that make a child’s time with us memorable for the rest of their lives.