P3 - Mrs Caddoo

What a marvellous 7 weeks we’ve had in P3C! I am one VERY proud teacher because I have 28 absolutely wonderful children who constantly make school a joy.  P3C is definitely a team effort and I witness amazing things going on in our classroom every day…

  • the children are always encouraging one another to have a go at tricky things

  • there is a great deal of kindness in our classroom

  • there are a lot of smiles, giggles and mischievous grins

  • the children are ALWAYS wanting to help keep our room tidy (yes…the dust buster is used a lot!)

  • the children help one another when they are stuck

  • P3C kids have jumped right back into school life with amazing enthusiasm and energy


Our topic has been ‘Minibeasts’ and what a topic to start the year off with.  We’ve been on bug hunts, built minibeast habitats, sorry, minibeast ‘hotels’ and ‘spas’.  We’ve drawn minibeast, labelled them, written reports about them, danced like them and created SUPERBUGS by combining all our favourite aspects of different bugs!

We also read the Jolly Postman and absolutely loved it… the children sorted fairy-tale characters, wrote letters, did some hot seating and finally did life size versions by drawing around some happy volunteers and decorating them with describing words and artwork.


Hopefully you will see the fun we are having by looking at our photographs and videos, it’s hard to believe we have packed so much into such a short amount of time.  Come back soon to see what else we get up to!

We are a Nerve partnership school
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