P1 - Mrs Pyper

Since coming back after the Christmas holidays, Primary one children have been working incredibly hard to recap, refresh and revise so much of what had been learnt in Term 1 as well as taking on board new skills, new experiences and new challenges!

We learn a lot through our Activity-Based Learning sessions inside and are looking forward to exploring our learning more freely in the great outdoors too over the next few months.

P1 have been trying super hard with reading and writing and their love of stories is so wonderful. 

We are constantly learning to share and talk about our work and play experiences alike. 

Our topic has been “Weather” and the children in P1.P decided it would be a really cool idea to have their very own weather station in the classroom where they could present the weather “on the news!” They helped create the area with drawings and paintings and LOVED used the props to have fun and just ‘be’. 

Our Pic Collages are just a little insight into some of the business of P1.P.

We are a Nerve partnership school
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