P1 - Miss Neely

P1N have had a fantastic start to school life in Greenwood. They have all settled so quickly and independently and I could not be prouder of them. They make a super little team and it has been a real joy to watch them settle into Primary one. 


We've had a busy first term in Primary one getting to know each other and making lots of new friends. The children are working so hard to learn each other's names and have been putting in a super effort to make sure everyone feels included and part of our team. 


During Activity Based Learning the children have an opportunity to explore lots of play linked to our different themes. We started our term with a theme 'There's no one quite like me'. We talked about our feelings and emotions and learned about how each of our fingerprints are different and special. We made clay handprints, life-size portraits of ourselves and created our own houses using paper bags. We had lots of fun looking after each other in our hospital and bathing babies during water play. Over the last few weeks, we have been exploring the theme of Autumn and Halloween. The children created fantastic bats, leaves and hedgehogs for our Autumn tree window display and have loved playing in our new pumpkin patch role play area. 


The children have absolutely loved exploring our outdoor garden. We have been busy hunting for tigers linked to our 't' sound and building homes for hedgehogs. It has been a real joy to see the children's imagination come alive during these sessions. 


It's been a super fun and busy start in P1N as I'm sure you can see from our photographs. 

We are a Nerve partnership school
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