P1 - Mrs McLaughlin

What a wonderful term we have been having, full of lots of learning and excitement in P1M. Our new topic has been the weather and our weather recently has certainly given us lots to talk about! Ask us a question and see if we can tell you a new fact we have learned about weather here or even abroad.

In P1M we love playtime and we have had lots of new things to explore. We have been thinking about keeping healthier in the new year, with activities such as the fruit and vegetable shop role play area and printing with vegetables. We have learned lots of new games to play, which also helps us learn our numbers and sounds. We love time to play and take turns with a friend.

Literacy and Numeracy have been very busy for us as well. We are now confident with lots of sounds and can even build our own words. We have been working on trying to write our own sentences, it can be tricky to remember everything but we always try our best. We know our numbers to 10 and we have been working on ‘ways to make numbers’ quickly, for example 3 plus 3 make 6.

ICT had been very exciting with programming our new codapillar. It is a great way to break down instructions and think about directions. This robot even moves when you put him in the right order!

We all have enjoyed our half term break and are ready for another term full of learning and fun!

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