P1 - Mrs Ashe

We have had a very busy time in P1A over the last 7 weeks.

Our topic in November was Chocolate so we had a sweet shop in the classroom and we took turns to be the shopkeeper or the customer. It was hard not to eat the sweets!  We watched part of the old Willy Wonka film (the new one is a bit too scary) and turned our water tray into the chocolate river with lots of pipes. We also found out what chocolate is made from and how it can melt and then become solid again.

We are all now in reading groups and it is great to hear all the chat about word boxes. Everyone is trying their best to work quietly will the other groups are reading. We are even doing different work in our groups so we all have to listen really carefully to the instructions.

Although we are not doing a Christmas show this year we have been working really hard on a P1 song and video and on a video for new parents so they can see what happens in P1. We hope you like them both!

I would like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of all the children. They have worked their socks off over the last couple of weeks and have kept smiling and laughing throughout.

Mrs Montgomery and I hope you all have a restful Christmas and look forward to welcoming the children back in January!

We are a Nerve partnership school
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